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'When All Is Said And Done' is the third studio album from 'Seven Words' and is perhaps Paul's most personal and reflective album to date. Powerful and thought provoking cerebral synthpop exploring relationships both sexual and platonic, the dilemma of man's continuing evolution and his innate capacity for cruelty and hope for eternal redemption. Check out the YouTube Video Trailer on the link below and for more information and audio see the artist page. Available for download from the usual online retailers e.g iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify.

I Feel Hand Held Halo


The new single by Hand Held Halo “I Feel” is out now and available to download from all the usual online retailers. We have released a YouTube video for “I Feel” using Ryan Woodward's beautiful and expressive contemporary dance animation "Thought of You". There is also a short trailer for the B-side “Breath On The Wind”. Links to both videos are available below:

Hand Held Halo YouTube Channel


It's very belated but we have finally created a Hand Held Halo Productions YouTube Channel as an easy way to access some of the HHHP releases past and present. Simply search for "Hand Held Halo" or click here!

Seratonal Signs and Omens


The debut album 'Signs & Omens' from "Seratonal" featuring both Paul Adams of "Seven Words" and Debbie Houldridge of "Hand Held Halo" is now available for download from all the usual online retailers including iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, CDBaby and Spotify. For more information and to listen to the album please check out the Seratonal Artist Page.

Indelible Scars Burn Single


Why not checkout the brand new 2x track single 'Burn' from "Indelible Scars", the Futurepop/Synthpop side project of HHHP founder Neil Houldridge , available for download here! The first online review of the single can be read here!

iTunes Store


Due to the proliferation of good online distributors, rather than re-launch our proprietary online mp3 store, we will be releasing our back catalogue and all future releases through iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Play.com etc. Our new online store will provide direct links to all the major retailers who will be stocking our releases. As always we will try to offer a selection of free downloads, so why not check out the new store here!

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